Innovation by farmers, for farmers

Innovation by farmers, for farmers

We’re here to empower farmers to grow higher and better yields with less.

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Who we are

We’re farmers first and innovators second. We started in 1965, in the Negev desert in Israel, trying to grow crops in desert soil. We know what it’s like to farm in extreme conditions. That struggle taught us how to combine precision irrigation, agronomic expertise and relentless innovation to help farmers grow more of any crop, in any climate, with less.

Netafim UK is the UK subsidiary of Netafim. Based in the North West, Netafim UK is established as the market leader in providing innovative irrigation solutions for agricultural, sports and landscape applications throughout the UK & Ireland. Netafim UK supplies the complete portfolio of equipment to complete state of the art irrigation systems via a national network of highly trained irrigation design and supply Companies. This professional distribution network is backed up by locally based Netafim technical support professionals.

Our leadership

Our Backbone

Helping the world Grow More With Less

As the world’s leading irrigation company we will drive mass adoption of smart irrigation solutions to fight scarcity of food,
water and land.

Our values

  • Dare 
  • Make it Happen 
  • Create an Impact 
  • Partner for Success

Our people

Our people are everything to our business. They share a common bond with our growers, have a deep understanding of the challenges facing our industry partners and are committed to ensuring our customers get the technical, agronomical and commercial support that they need to thrive.

Netafim irrigation company - by farmers, for farmers
Netafim irrigation company - by farmers, for farmers

Quality Policy

Why we’ll never drop our standards
At Netafim, commitment to quality is a core value. Starting with our employees, our uncompromising standards are applied to every facet of our business. From refining development procedures, through conducting exhaustive field tests, to optimizing production techniques, we’re committed to delivering high-quality products and services.

Netafim Quality Policy

Let’s grow together

We’re looking for people who dare to make an impact, feel inspired by our united purpose to help the world grow more with less™ and can make things happen, in a collaborative and partnership manner.

That’s what guides us in achieving our vision to fight scarcity of water, food and land.

If that sounds like you, then drop us a line and let’s grow together.

Join us!
Netafim irrigation company - by farmers, for farmers

Our global presence

There are 4,300 of us now, spread across 110 countries. We’ve got 29 subsidiaries and 17 manufacturing plants worldwide.

To date, we’ve irrigated over ten million hectares of land, and produced over 150 billion drippers – for more than two million ambitious farmers.

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Local Focus
Global innovation and experience gathered across many countries ensure we bring to our customers in our local markets the highest level of expertise and technology.

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