Now that you’ve made a big investment in a polytunnel or greenhouse, you’ll need to maximise your productivity per square metre to get a faster return on investment. You need more precision. And more control.


Total control over your polytunnel or greenhouse

You’re trying to grow bigger batches of higher-quality crops in your polytunnel or greenhouse – and you need to be able to do that while using water, fertilizer, energy and labour more efficiently.

Precision irrigation and fertigation let you do just that. They give you the highest levels of accuracy and control. So you can deliver the right mix of water and nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time, straight to the roots of your plants.

And with cooling and humidification systems to control the climate in your greenhouse, they’ll help you grow more profitable crops in the most cost- efficient way.

Plus, digital tools allow you to automate the whole process, and monitor every stage of the crop lifecycle.

The result: you use your resources more efficiently and grow healthier crops. Every time. Whatever poly tunnel or greenhouse, you’re growing in.

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Want to improve your strawberry yields?

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