This is Orbia

Orbia is a purpose-led company with big aspirations. We are out to advance life around the world while maximizing value to its shareholders. The Company is passionate about the subjects that define how people will live and thrive tomorrow: the future of cities, buildings, agriculture, and materials. Orbia has five business groups which offer innovative solutions across multiple industries including building and infrastructure, data communications, chemicals and more.

Orbia has operations in 41 countries with more than 22,000 employees.

We started as a producer of commodities and have evolved to become a provider of innovative solutions that through our five business groups addresses the world’s biggest challenges: rapid urbanization, water and food scarcity, a growing and aging population and more.

Operation in 41 countries

Operation in 41 countries

We also are:

  • One of the most cost-efficient PVC producers in the world and the fifth largest producer of PVC resin worldwide.
  • The owner of Las Cuevas mine in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, the biggest single producer of fluorspar in the world.
  • A global leader in precision irrigation and digital farming.
  • One of the world’s largest producers of plastic pipes and fittings.
  • A leading producer of conduits for data and pressure pipes in the USA.

A community of companies who are passionate about solving the world’s biggest challenges

Our Businesses

We are a leading provider of products and services across multiple sectors

We aspire to deliver maximum positive impact by contributing to progress and improving people’s lives.

Now more and more, Orbia is focusing on creating solutions for the challenges brought about by a growing and changing world.

At Orbia, we commit ourselves to advance life around the world.