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Maximum recovery, maximum efficiency

At Netafim, we focus 100% effort on maximizing your precious metal recovery, because every centimeter on the heap counts.

Maximum ore recovery

Netafim drippers and micro emitters help you extract more metal per meter, irrespective of module size, heap topography or water conditions. It boils down to industry-leading uniformity that comes from product excellence, expert hydraulic design and targeted work in the field.

Emitter design & manufacturing

Patented TurboNext™ anti-clogging technology ensures minimum clogging and maximum ore recovery across your entire heap, while high-grade raw materials and strict QC procedures result in CV of less than 5% – the lowest emitter flow-rate variation in the industry.

Irrigation system design

Netafim’s professional hydraulic design – building on 50 years of global irrigation and mining project experience - ensures constant pressure across the entire leached surface, from the pile to the slopes.

Operation and maintenance

Special hydraulic valves and filters, coupled with a strict flushing protocol combine to further minimize clogging and maximize irrigation uniformity and metal recovery.

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Download our full Product Catalogue

Download our full Product Catalogue


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