NetaTank™ presents a comprehensive water tank solution, encompassing essential components such as covers, liners, steels, enclosures and outlets.

NetaTank offers a hassle-free, reliable water storage solution with minimal installation and maintenance requirements. Its durability and temperature resistance make it versatile. Available in various sizes, NetaTank provides total modularity with a choice of fabric or metal covers.

Benefits & Features

  • Complete solution: All components are designed to work together to create a robust and reliable water tank solution 
  • Compact: Reduces shipping costs 
  • Easy to install: User-friendly installation manual provided 
  • Reliable system: Reduces maintenance labor and cost 
  • Modular design: To meet variety of requirements and tanks’ sizes 
  • Fast on-site service: Thanks to our extensive local and global support
  • Unique liners: Proven durability and resistance to wide range of temperatures

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