Community Irrigation

Community Irrigation

Enhancing Rural Communities’ Socioeconomic Future with Precision Irrigation  


Community irrigation is a transformative approach to farming that brings together agricultural communities, governments, and the private sector with the goal of establishing systematic and sustainable irrigation practices, managing natural resources holistically, and equipping smallholders with the necessary infrastructure for sustainable farming.   

Pillars of Community Irrigation

Advanced Technologies:

Utilizing precision irrigation solutions to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Bulk Water Supply:

Efficiently transporting water from sources to fields to ensure all areas receive adequate water regardless of location.

Farmer Success Initiatives:

Including training centers, on-site agronomic and technical support, access to local markets.

Changing the socio - economic landscape of rural communities with precision irrigation

“Community Irrigation is going to solve future problems of our generation.”

Prof. Aravind Galgali

Multiple crops, India

Driving Change with Community Irrigation

Community irrigation offers significant advantages for both smallholders, their communities and the government:

Increased Efficiency

Water and fertilizer usage efficiency can soar to 80%-90%, compared to less than 40% in traditional systems.  

Equitable Water Distribution

Ensures fair water distribution to all farmers, regardless of their proximity to water sources.

Expanded Irrigation Coverage  

High efficiency allows for doubling the irrigated area with the same water volume compared to traditional methods.

Improved Crop Yields  

Enhanced water and fertilizer management lead to higher yields and better crop quality.

Sustainable Farm Management  

Leads to increased farm output and improved standards of living for the farming community.  

Cost Savings  

Significant reductions in land acquisition and operational costs due to efficient infrastructure like underground pressurized pipelines.

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